· Regularly scheduled production of standard products
· Short run of a product
· Infrequent or difficult to schedule runs of standard products
· Prototype run of a new product
· Extra capacity during peak periods
· Production of lower volume specialty products
· High volume but infrequent run of a product
· Pilot manufacturing


· Bottle Filling – 4 fl. oz. to 2 ½ gallons
· Drum Filling – 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums to 330  gallon totes
· Tanker Truck loading and unloading
· Small to medium runs OK
· Fill lines have the capability to fill, cap, and heat seal, if required
· Each container can be coded for traceability if needed


· 1 pound to super sacks; any configuration: bags, pails, drums, etc.
· Small to medium runs OK


C K Enterprises, Inc. will take your bulk chemicals and package them into suitable 1 gallon, 5 gallon, even up to 55 gallon drums or jugs, as well as, dry product into bags, pails, or drums. CK can also repackage your products into containers for shipping to potential customers.


Drum delivery offers flexibility in low-usage facilities and areas. Delivered via our own fleet to local clients, drums are especially convenient. Also, because our drivers deliver directly to your storage site, we can ensure the quality of our products.

In addition, if you are using chemicals packaged in drums, C K Enterprises drivers will pick up and remove any empty drum at the same time for recycling at our plant. This means you don’t have to worry about transferring empty containers or spend time triple washing and cleaning them prior to disposal. That’s not only convenient, it’s a direct cost-savings for you.


Many companies can’t take advantage of tank truck pricing because they lack the facility to hold or store bulk deliveries. Now you can receive bulk truck pricing because C K Enterprises, Inc. will accept your bulk delivery, package your materials in drums or totes, and ship it to your location for only pennies a pound.


We can box, shroud, and shrink wrap on four way entry pallets or a pallet of your specification. We also have corner boards available on request.


Midwest delivery with the company fleet helps guarantee delivery when requested. UPS and other typical ground or air express services are available. Verification of shipment and tracking numbers can be transmitted to you at the close of each business day.


C K Enterprises, Inc. has state of the art software to give exact warehouse quantities when requested.