Powder Manufacturing Capability

C K Enterprises utilizes Chempax, a state of art, custom piece of software to maintain our high level of liquid manufacturing abilities. Chempax will store each product’s unique formulation of raw materials and record actual use of product during manufacturing. Chempax will then record and print a Certificate of Analysis from lab tests for every lot/batch. Manufacturing lot/batch retains are maintained for 1-5 years depending on each product or customers requirements. Dyes are weighted in grams in our lab to maintain consistent colors batch to batch.

Large Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

  • 1-4000 Pound Blender
  • Ribbon Style Blender
  • Triple action agitator insures rapid, homogeneous blending
  • Liquid Injection Manifold
  • Filter Ventilation Systems

Small Tote Mixing Tanks

  • 1-200 Pound Blender
  • Paddle Style Blender

Raw Materials

Powder Manufacturing raw materials are received in 50 pound bags to 2000 pound super sacks. All raw materials are assigned an internal part number and every inbound product shipment is labeled with this unique number for accurate raw material selection during manufacturing. All products are stored in pallet racks with unique location positions.  During the manufacturing process, part numbers and warehouse locations are verified and recorded on each lot/batch ticket. Each completed batch ticket is scanned and stored in our secure file server.